Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describe how we use your personal information.


We take your privacy very seriously when you visit this website. Madame Fantasy limited will use our best endeavours to ensure your information is protected to a high standard. When you register on this website, your information is only given to us so that we may process your order(s) and provide you with a most discreet personal service as possible in normal business use. You will receive emails from us when you register, buy an item, enquire about an item or our services, or you join our mailing list. Your account with us will contain information about your billing and delivery details, your email information and a record of your orders.



You may create an account by signing up on the website's homepage. Also when you checkout and submit your details for payment, you will be able to create an account by choosing a user name and password. Your details will not be passed on by us to anyone else or used for any purpose other than the normal business use including processing orders, dealing with your questions or sending you information about your purchase including keeping a record of all your purchases and for accounting purposes. 

We use your information to fulfil your order, for dispute settlements purposes and to communicate with you.

For order fulfilment we received an information such as name, email address, phone number,  details of the products that you are ordering, payment and postal address, payment information. 

We use Paypal and Worldpay as payment processing service which they processing your payments(card or debit card) details. Payment in Uk is also available by cheque or postal order which will be directly paid in our account.



We will keep a record or your account as long as your account is active and in use so you can log in your account and check your previous orders. We will keep the record of the information received for 6 years for the accounting purposes and law requirements.




Personal Information Sharing 


We use your information to provide our service for order fulfillments. 

When you provided us with your email address by registering to our mailing list we only use that information to inform you about our new products.

We use it for requirements of the law requirements (accounting and disputes) 

We use third parties (Royal Mail or courier service) for delivery services. 


We process your order and use Royal Mail for posting our orders, If we use courier service, we will ask you before sending your order for you to confirm that you agree to send it that way.

We will use information that is necessary for law compliance ( technical issues, legal purposes and requirements, prevent fraud ).


Your Rights related to your personal information


You may have a right to access your personal information . This rights apply generally but certain rights may apply in certain limited cases. 


You may have a the right to access and receive copy of personal information we hold.

You may have a right to change, delete or restrict our use of your information, or delete your personal information. If you wish so, please contact as.

You can object to processing marketing messages (subscription email about new products) and we will delete your information upon your request.


To help us confirm your identity we may need to ask you some information.


Contact Information


For purposes of EU data protection law, we are data controllers of your personal information. 

Contact details Madame Fantasy Limited ( Tihana-Barbara Mendas ). If you have any questions  or concerns please contact as at

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This policy may change from time to time so please check back the next time you visit us.
We reserve the right to amend all prices, policies, terms and conditions and other information from time to time. Your purchase(s) will be covered by the information as displayed on this page at the time of your purchase(s). Any purchases made on this website are governed by UK law.









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